We are confident they would add value in the training initiatives of any organization which engages them.

Anjum Amin, VP/Head of HR


Synergize has added value through their engaging and informative programs. Imran and Soobia have displayed high level of enthusiasm and passion throughout their interaction with us. As facilitator they are innovative and add a lot of energy and passion in their work.

Ayaz Shamsi, Director, Human Resources & OD


I have known Imran for almost ten years. His projects are always driven by creativity and innovation. His most recent efforts are reflected in Synergize, a talented team that he formed with his wife, Soobia.

Adil Zaman, Sales Director


I have known Synergize to be a talented, creative and hard working team. The projects assigned to them were completed to our satisfaction within the budgeted time and cost with an element of delight. We wish Synergize the best in their pursuits in getting further business, as we know they give particular emphasis to client satisfaction.

Ayub Ahmed Siddiqui, GM Marketing

Merck Marker

We are pleased to recommend M/S Synergize, as a well known and established company operating in Karachi offering various training programs.

Arshad R Khan, MD and CEO

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

This is to certify that I have known Synergie Consultants to be a talented and hard working team.

Aejaz H Khan, SVP, Manager Learning & OD

Union Bank (BoA/Emirates Bank merger)

They have conducted many customized programs for us, especially on ‘Selling Skills’ and ‘Relationship Selling’. The workshops were highly activity based, interactive and the trainers were able to reach to ever participant. The participants very much appreciated the workshops and immensely benefited by sharing their knowledge, wisdom & experiences.

Syed Ali Jouhar Naqvi, SVP, Head of Training

United Bank Limited

We feel great pleasure in expressing your association with us as training consultants to be highly learning based and has been found to have added value in the performance of our staff members.

Abdul Aziz Khatri, MD

Chemi-Dye Stuffs Industries

A very interactive and productive trainer

Ahsan Feroz, Director

Efroze Chemical Industries

As HR, marketing and IT professionals they are highly rated.

Taher A Khan, CEO


They have all the germs to infect you with enthusiasm, quality, sobriety and of course (to some extent J) competence.

Rashid Sherwani, CEO

Ikon Technologies

We highly recommend attending your interactive sessions to further develop HR and management

Naveed Iqbal, BDM

NDS Technologies

Their training sessions are also upto top standards.

Sara Ather, HR Manager


A team of creative, hardworking and energetic graduates

Mumtaz Ali, Dy Director

Export Promotion Bureau

Sessions were simply stimulating and worth every penny and minute spent.

Nasser Kamal, Executive Director Marketing

General Tyre and Rubber Co

Course was very intensive, interesting and illuminating. We also wish to acknowledge your depth of knowledge and professionalism which added value to the course.

A Saeed Siddiqui, MD and CEO


Needless to say that the assignments have been accomplished successfully and to the entire satisfaction of our management. Keep it up.

Lt Col [R] M Anwar Ul Haq, Manager HR & Admin

NCB Corporation

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