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CRS Cube

In our experience with different ownership and cultural models of organizations spanning from multinational to aboriginal; from hi tech to no tech; from mammoth to tiny; from BoD to proprietorships; from the for and not so for profit; we discovered that performance was the driving word for everyone. While the perception of the word differs, further research leads us to believe that there is almost universal unanimity on these key dimensions of performance which we call CRS3© (pronounced CRS cube). CRS3© is built on Five Pillars of Performance including Strategy, Systems, Skills, Consensus Building and Relationships which are the key drivers of performance in any organization and result in delighted customers, shareholders,  employees and suppliers. The CRS3© performance pillars which form the foundation of consistent performance and growth with an aim to increase the VALUE and VOLUME of a business are elaborated below:

‘Performance’ primary pillar is ‘Strategy’
the shrouded and closely guarded secret that is all but obvious to those its hidden from i.e. the competitors, however, poles apart in perception of the team who makes and implement it. What’s our vision, where are we going, who are our customers, what are their researched needs, and our competitive advantage in the ‘e-Bazaar?’ How do we fund and manage our financials are some of the key questions that need clear answers here not just for today, but for survival and growth in a changing market. While there are many tools available in this area, the ‘Balanced Business Score Card’ is the preferred tool for creating and implementing business strategies.
Next one needs to build ‘Consensus’
to ensure apples are apples to everyone (or they’d taste different!) – teamwork, character, values and motivation are the areas to study in this area. This area is widely and criminally ignored in most organizations where bosses believe and practice ‘my way or the highway’ management philosophy.
Now the business must build or fine-tune its ‘Processes’
the way things get down on paper, electronic or wireless gateways. The measurement processes to arrive at results, systems and procedures neither too complex to scare away customers nor too simple to let intruders in. This calls for process analysis and reengineering.
Moving forward we need to unlock the performance key of ‘Skills’
so the organization knows what it is supposed to know. The leaders know their job and everyone is clear on their competencies and where they stand on them. Organization Development (OD) efforts are highlighted at building an organization of the future. A comprehensive Training Needs Analysis, Training and OD Plan is the output of this activity.
Finally the most critical dimension of ‘Relationships’
be they internal with employees, or external with customers, or with partners and alliances and even the community where you operate, need to be evaluated. It includes customer research, customer centric strategy creation that covers any or all of the other pillars of performance like Training, systems; whatever it takes to ensure customer delight

CRS Cube – Five Pillars of Performance
We strongly believe that ONE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL – no two customers are alike and nor should they be treated the same. Hence all our work is based on FUN or FIND UR NEEDS which gives you, and us, insight into your organizations ISSUES be they strategic or tactical. It’s really a fun way to find your PRECISE needs viz the CRS3© framework for achieving value and volume in your performance.

PILLAR #1: Performance enhancement via Strategy

Balanced Business Score Card Development and Implementation

  • The Balanced Business Score Card is a world famous tool developed by Norton and Kaplan of Harvard Business School; for developing and aligning business strategy seamlessly from the top to bottom. It is used by companies such as Mobil, HSBC, Southwest and its followers are increasing. Balanced score card means you say what you do, and then do what you say you want to do at every level of the organization starting from the top, across the dimensions of financial, customer, processes and learning & development. Thus it creates not only a plan aligned with the strategy; it ensures corporate strategy implementation with clearly defined measures and deadlines. We have within our team, people who have implemented it at large commercial organizations besides public sector implementation in developing countries. The end result is an organization FOCUSSED on its objectives from top to bottom; leading to customer, shareholder, employee and supplier satisfaction.
  • Vision, Mission and Strategy development exercises. Strategy in the areas of corporate, marketing & sales, corporate finance, customer care, supply chain, HR and T&D

PILLAR #2: Performance enhancement via Skills

  • Conducting TNA [training needs analysis]Developing a Training CalendarCustom development of courseware with pre and post tests in all soft skills areas, some of them as follows:Strategy assessment and development skills, Communication and presentation, Team development, Leadership, Organizational effectiveness & Productivity, Attitude and behavioral change, Sales and customer care, Financial & Accountancy and others a required
  • Defining the organization of the future with Organization Development, Change management, Culture change, Performance management

PILLAR #3: Performance enhancement via Systems

  • Systems and procedures audit, Quality assessment and Government certifications preparation. Business Process Re-engineering, Technology audit, Effective utilization / justification of paper based systems, Effective utilization / justification of electronic systems, Effective utilization / justification of wireless systems

PILLAR #4: Performance enhancement via Relationships

  • Internal relationships audit (employees, shareholders), External relationships audit (customers, agencies, suppliers), Partner relationships audit

PILLAR #5: Performance enhancement via Consensus Building

  • Opening communication channels, Team building, Character and Values, Motivation

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